What sets Daniel James apart from the rest?

The answer is simple. I truly care.

My greatest joy in life is watching my students succeed. I’ve crafted a full-proof approach to getting students who have had no musical knowledge whatsoever to read music and play pianoall without looking at their fingers.

It may seem like magic at first, but it’s no different from learning how to do anything else. Our minds are built to absorb information, and they’re especially suited toward grasping language. Written music is an internationally known language! It can be understood and mastered just like English, Spanish, French, or Mandarin Chinese.

The best part? Music is built expressly on logic. It doesn’t break rules. There are no exceptions or irregularities. It’s as simple as it is complex. And the more we know, the simpler it becomesuntil we’re making music without so much as thinking about it.

Lastly, I trust my students to let their own instincts lead their practice. I give you the tools (the guidance and exercises), and you fit them together according to your unique style. Eventually, we reach a point where you decide the type of music you want to master. Everything builds to that moment. In the end, it’s not about what I want for you. It’s ultimately about how you want to convey the inner workings of your own musical imagination.