┬áLet’s start at the very beginning…

First, let’s sStudioet aside any nerves you might have. Our first meeting is mostly a consultation, and if you come to my studio, it’s 100% free. Truthfully, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. After assessing your musical knowledge, we’ll go over a couple of exercises, both of which you can see in the very first two examples in my video section.

Don’t worry. You won’t be expected to play them as quickly as I do. We start slowly, and then we build upon what we learn each week.

If you’re wondering about the piano I’m playing, you have good reason. It’s a stunning instrument that plays as beautifully as it looks. For the specifications guru, it’s a Yamaha C7 Conservatory Grand, and it spans nearly 7 1/2 feet in length. The action has been tempered to play with ease, resulting in sound that emanates effortlessly the moment your fingers grace the keys. In short, it’s the perfect instrument any aspiring pianist could wish to play on.

After we complete the exercises, we’ll go over the materials my students are expected to have in order to complete the lessons. Mainly, you’ll need an inexpensive workbook that can be purchased for between $4 and $7. Secondly, you’ll eventually need a keyboard or piano to practice on at home. We’ll discuss the options that are right for you based upon your previous experience and budget. Rest assured that a respectable instrument can be picked up for as little as $100. The best news is that the choices you have are virtually limitless. And if you already have an instrument…PERFECT. You’ll be able to get started right away!

We’ll finish up by determining what lesson length is right for you. Each student is unique. Some students have longer attention spans than others. I find that adults typically prefer longer lessons than children. But it all depends on the individual. We’ll ultimately go with whatever length you decide is right for you, and then we’ll agree on a consistent weekly meeting time.

Lastly, if you choose in-home lessons as opposed to coming to my studio, it is crucial that you already have a perfectly working instrument prior to our first meeting. We need something reliable to rehearse on if we want to succeed. Also, keep in mind that free consultations are only available if you come to me. If we decide that I need to come to you first, full payment for one 45 minute lesson will be required right away. Half hour lessons are not available for home visits.

If you’re ready to get started, visit my contact page or call my directly at (702)797-0458.